As you know, I just recently returned from another ministry trip backpacking in Europe. July 16 – August 3, 15 of us traveled from Dublin to Prague. God did some amazing things. In the words of 3 of our team members, here is a taste of what your investment in this ministry does:

“This trip was an amazing experience for many reasons. Throughout the trip, I was forced to rely and lean on God continuously. Strengthening my faith, trust, and relationship with Him. It taught me the power and importance of prayer – when you don’t have plans or a place to stay for the night, you begin to realize how important it is to go to God with everything. This trip showed me the effectiveness of prayer. There were many situations—such as airport complications, not knowing where we were going to sleep, or delayed trains in which God clearly answered our prayers.” High school junior/senior

“This trip is valuable in that it causes you to relinquish control and trust in God and others. It forces you to interact with others from different cultures and backgrounds. It also challenges you. It forces you to truly evaluate your relationship with the Lord and examine/identify areas of your life that may not be so desirable.” College graduate

“One thing I learned on this trip is that the ways in which God works are often very different from what I would expect. Sometimes things on this trip did not go as I had planned, expected or hoped they would, but God has taught me that I need to fully rely on Him through that, and trust that His plans are always best. He showed me that I need to continue to praise and thank Him in those moments.” High school junior/senior

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