I have been blessed in many ways.  One of the ways I have been blessed has been to be able to organize and lead over 70 short-term missions trips in 28 different countries.  Usually 2 or 3 trips  each year for over 25 years.   I have had a privilege of meeting lots of wonderful people and seeing many beautiful and amazing creations of our Great God.   I have even learned a few things as a result of those 70 plus missions trips.

One of the things I have learned is that God can do ANYTHING!  (and I do mean ANYTHING)  I have seen God provide rooms for our whole group of 15 in Venice, Italy on a Saturday night without having made any reservations, while the man at the desk is scolding me for not making reservations.   I have seen God provide a new passport for a team member who had his stolen when everyone in authority said it could not be done.  I have seen God provide for the financial needs of individual team members.  I have seen God “find” camera bags that were left on trains at the “lost and found” office of the train station.  I have seen God change the hearts of officials in uniform right before my eyes.

Please be  part of these blessings with your prayers this month for speaking engagements in churches and Christian school chapels, for connecting with and following up with potential team members for the May and July Europe Backpacking trips, and for our trip to Nairobi, Kenya.  I along with two Board Members, each bringing a daughter, will leave February 23 and return March 7.  I will be the Spiritual Life speaker for a week at Middle School and High School chapels, the two men will be doing construction projects and the girls involved with the school students and staff.

So – as we face a new year of challenges and unknowns, we go in confidence because our Great God can do anything.  As it says in Genesis 18:14,  Is anything too hard for the LORD?

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