Happy New Year!    How many times have you heard that lately?        

             The year 2020!   It IS a new year. 

We hear much about making New Year’s resolutions.  It seems these are things that we should have been doing for the past few years, or, things that we should not have been doing for the past few years – but – NOW – things are going to be different! (or so we have resolved 😊 )   We will START doing them, or, we will STOP doing them this year. 

We will eat more fruits and vegetables, we will eat less red meat, we will be nice to stray animals, we will not get as angry when the Eagles lose, we will read our Bible more, we will watch TV less, we will ……….. we will not ……….. 

      “If you, O LORD, kept a record of our sins,

              O Lord, who could stand?

        But with you there is forgiveness;

              Therefore you are feared.”

                          Psalm 130:3, 4

 Sure – make some resolutions for this coming year.  Not a bad thing to do – but – remember the GOOD NEWS –  the GREAT NEWS –   the THAT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE NEWS –   


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