We are in August and still have a bit of summer to enjoy.  As I write, Sandy and a team of 17 are in Europe.  They began in Ireland, a new country for these trips, a new adventure of trusting God to show the way.  No “KNOWNS” to fall back on.  Reservations made for the first 2 nights to catch up on sleep and acclimate a bit, a day of discovering their surroundings and then catching a train for the coast.  The youth hostels were full, but a new hotel was recommended.  There were 10 beds available, so they took them, left their backpacks and went to explore and do world view surveys.  So the girls were taken care of.  What to do for the guys?  They returned to the hotel and in conversation with the clerk, they were told she wouldn’t let the guys sleep outside.  The rains and mists were frequent.  She checked with the manager, then said the guys could all stay in one of the girl’s rooms and the girls could juggle the rest of the rooms – for no extra cost.  They learned later that the clerk was the owner’s daughter.  It was a great start to the trip of trusting in God.

If you haven’t had a chance, look over the posts on Facebook – Live 10:27 Ministries, to see what happened as they continued to travel.  They each had a copy of Seeking Allah, Finding God written by Nabeel Qureshi who is a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.  Viewing posts from Brussels, I could see two of the guys in conversation and giving their copies away.  Please pray for these opportunities, even as they come home and God continues to work.  Sandy stresses follow up by email and other methods.  Relationships are begun.

Back at home, I have been working on getting our new website up and details for our Ministry banquet coming up on September 14, Thursday.  Invitations will be in the mail with RSVP needed by August 31.

You are an important part of this ministry.  Your prayers sustain us throughout the year as Sandy ministers in many different settings so that he may share what God has for each different group of people.  From some of these groups, he gathers those interested in the spring and summer trips.  Your prayers for his health and strength and the support that keeps us on track and moving ahead is vital.  Thank you.