This month has brought some new experiences into our life. 

On Monday, March 8th I had an appointment with my cardiologist to go over the results of my stress test and echocardiogram which was scheduled a few weeks previously.  Evidently, with 11 stents in various arteries, this is a wise thing to do periodically. My results were “excellent”, according to her (I am thinking “excellent” is a good thing).   I don’t hear that word very often in reference to me.

 As soon as we left the office, Diane and I drove to Michigan (close to 600 miles) to see her 98 year old mother, who wasn’t doing very well.  God provided a nice, safe drive and we got to mother’s bed side in time for Diane to sit with her, hold her hand, play hymns, pray and read God’s living Word.      A few hours after we arrived, Mother Bentley entered the presence of God! 

A godly heritage and a life well-lived.  She “ran the race” and finished well.    

On Saturday, March 13, I fly to Montana where I will be teaching Introduction to Missions to 60 students at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible.   This will be my 3rd time teaching this course at MWSB.   I absolutely love it! 

Mother’s “homegoing” reminded me of the vast numbers of people on this earth who will NOT “enter the presence of God” for eternal life in heaven when they die.  (And they will all die)   It is because of “them” – those who still do not know Jesus as their personal savior – that we do what we do.   

We NEED to be “about His business” and do all we can to “make disciples” of ALL NATIONS.

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