May 2017

Thank you for investing in Live 10:27 Ministries and helping us to “make disciples as we go”.

We will be leaving for Europe this month.  The team of 8 arrives for orientation on the 13th  , flies out on the 14th and returns on the 27th.   As part of the fun of the unknown”, the team does not yet know what city we are flying into or that we will all be reading “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”   They will be getting their copy of the book at orientation.

One of the chapters, “Appropriate Smallness: the practice of servanthood” begins by discussing “pride”  (the “oldest in the Book”)  The author (John Ortberg) shares some features of pride to help us recognize it in our life.

  • Vanity – a preoccupation with my appearance or image
  • Stubbornness – that pride that causes us to shun correction
  • Defensiveness – defensive people rarely thank us for pointing out their defensiveness
  • Exclusion – pride destroys our capacity to love – moves us to exclude rather than embrace

He then goes on to discuss “humility” and “servanthood”.  Humbling oneself is not an easy exercise but it is necessary.  “One of the hardest things in the world is to stop being the prodigal son without turning into the elder brother.”

As we travel around Europe, we desire to model “appropriate smallness” and serve with humility, patience, and love.  We appreciate your support and prayers.


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