I’ve heard and read from various sources similar thoughts, “America NEEDS a Revival”.  A large gathering of Christians in Washington DC came together focused on a similar theme.  Here are some thoughts regarding “Revival”: 

  1. “Revival presupposes that the church is mired in a backslidden state.”    Charles G. Finney
  2. “Most revivals were preceded by a time of deep spiritual decline and despair.”  Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  3. “The “Great Awakenings” were preceded by gross moral and spiritual declension in the church.”  Sammy Tippit 

Could there be any doubt that this is an accurate description of our current condition?  

  • “A revival ALWAYS includes Christians being convicted of their sins.”  Charles G. Finney
  • “There was a deep sense of sin and an overpowering desire to separate themselves from it and from all its sponsoring causes.”  Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

This awareness of and conviction of sin, led to repentance, confession, and forgiveness. 

  • “I know of no significant spiritual revival which was not preceded by: a. an increased awareness of the blinding whiteness of God’s holiness;  b. a consequent desire by God’s children to repent of and confess their sin; c. a firm resolution, with God’s help and the encouragement of others to pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace.”  H. Bingham Hunter 

It seems that revival has ALWAYS begun with a few, a small group of concerned believers.   May we be that group!