Thank You for your investment in this ministry.
One of my personal highlights of each backpacking trip in Europe is hearing the stories (testimonies) of the team members. We usually take time to do this about half way through the trip. That gives them time to feel comfortable with each other, and still have time on the trip to give the stories a chance to make an effect on the team/trip.
There is often a wide gap between the stories. What I mean is this – for some, they still live in a home with their mom & dad who love each other, love their children and love Jesus. They were raised in a Christian home and have been taught about Jesus their whole life. They have a foundation based on God’s word.
For others, it is almost the exact opposite. Mom left dad while she was pregnant. Three brothers and sisters and each one has a different father. In and out of foster care system. Bad experiences with “the church” until just a few years ago. The first (the nice Christian home story) is becoming increasingly rarer and the second (with variations) is more and more common.
That is one of the reasons we do what we do. That is one of the reasons we NEED your investment in lives. Hurts and pain that have surfaced on the trip need healing – and – often that healing takes time, investment of time, much prayer, patience and compassion.
Thank You for caring enough to invest in healing hurts and pain.

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