“Rejoice ALWAYS; pray WITHOUT CEASING; in EVERYTHING give thanks; for THIS IS God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”                                                               I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Just about every day on our backpacking trip in Europe, while standing in a circle on a train platform, we would go around the circle and each say something that we were thankful for.  Sometimes, I would say “no repeats” (that just means that you cannot say something that someone else had already said)   There were usually some moans when I said that.  These moans seemed to indicate that there was a general opinion that it would be more difficult to be at the end of the line and far easier if you got to be first. 

Sometimes, to make things get really “difficult”, we would go around AGAIN!    That meant that we would each have to have at least 2 original things to be thankful for!!     Can you believe that it was a struggle for some? 

Here are some things that we at Live 10:27 Ministries are thankful for: 

  1. For our board:  Bill Arnold, Mark Strunk, Gordy Harrower, Tim Wentworth, John Troutman, Ed Buckwalter & Ryan Groff
  2. For every gift/investment that is given
  3. For being able to “do what we do” at age 70!  (oldest backpacker in Europe??)
  4. For people who faithfully pray for us
  5. For Montana Wilderness School of the Bible where Sandy will teach Introduction to Missions in March
  6. For Christian Schools that have chapels and invite us to come
  7. For God’s living and life-changing Word in our own language 

What are you thankful for?   (no repeats!)