For “Day 12” In the devotional guide that we developed for our backpacking trips we were to read             Psalm 33.  We were to answer the following questions after reading it:   “What does it tell you about God?”   “What does it tell you about people?” 

  1. He loves righteousness and justice  (vs 5)
  2. The earth is full of His lovingkindness  (vs 5)
  3. He made the heavens with His word  (vs 6)
  4. He gathers the waters in a heap   (vs 7)
  5. “He spoke, and it was done”  (vs 9)
  6. “He commanded, and it stood fast”  (vs 9)
  7. He nullifies the counsel of the nations  (vs 10)
  8. He frustrates the plans of the peoples  (vs 10)
  9. His counsel stands forever  (vs 11)
  10. He looks from heaven and sees all the sons of men  (vs 13)
  11. He understands all the works of the peoples  (vs 15)
  12. His eye is on those who fear Him  (vs 18)
  13. He is our help and our shield   (vs 20) 

VSS 16 & 17 seem to make application for us based on all these things we know about God. 

“The king is not saved by a mighty army; a warrior is not delivered by great strength.

A horse is a false hope for victory; nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength.” 

God is powerful and He is involved in the events and happenings of this world. 

Our only HOPE is in God.  Our HOPE is not in our strength or plans.  After all –   HE MADE THE HEAVENS WITH HIS WORD.    This is WHO we proclaim as we speak in school chapels and churches and as we backpack around Europe or Alaska.