Dr. Good has personally planned and led over 70 short-term missions trips over a period of 25+ years to 28 different countries. Many of these trips involved “traditional” ministries, such as VBS, street meetings, door-to-door, work teams, building projects, and camps. The emphasis seemed to be, “what can WE DO for these people who NEED US to HELP THEM”? We would return to the USA and feel good because we “did something to help some needy people”.

Our philosophy has shifted and changed somewhat over the years. We believe that the primary purpose of a short-term missions experience is “to change the life of the team member who goes”. Our emphasis on our backpacking trips is to intentionally challenge the core values of American culture of “safety, entitlement & comfort”. We intentionally design our trips to include RISK, DISCOMFORT, UNKNOWNS, and RELATIONSHIPS.

We intentionally do NOT make many reservations for places to stay. We have Euro-rail passes and ride trains, often arriving in a city without a place to stay for the night. Sometimes we intentionally sleep at the train station or in a park (often with homeless people).

The “unknowns” are intended to “force” us to trust God.

We do not permit cell phones or use of the internet during the trips. We intentionally “fast” from technology as much as possible. Our desire is to foster and encourage growth in our Love for God and out of that love for God to grow a love for people – to see people as HE sees people. We spend “alone time with God” in various cathedrals, parks and mountains. We all read through a book of the Bible on the trip as well as book on spiritual growth.

We use “world view survey” cards to start conversations and ask people questions. The goal is to develop relationships with the people we meet. ( Dr. Good has continued relationships with people in Europe that he met 15 years ago on a train – the teams often stay in their homes)

We hear others say “I just want God to stretch me” – that “stretching” requires RISK and discomfort. It requires DIFFERENCE. It requires TRUST.

If you desire to be challenged in your walk with God and your love for Him. If you desire to GROW in your relationship with God and to learn to see people as HE sees them – then – the backpacking trip with Live 10:27 Ministries is the adventure for you.